Saturday, 5 December 2015

NEW IN: Garnier Micellar Range

Everyone gets the odd blemish but getting them frequently is plain irritating, here's how I cleared my skin..

Thinking back to when I was that 13 year old in school with bad skin still makes me shudder to this day, thankfully my skin has massively improved but I'm sure like any other human being I get a few blemishes now and then.
Unfortunately, I'm the type of person who instead of completely leaving my skin be, I start to throw any old lotion and potion onto my skin to try and get rid of them, which in turn is probably making them worse! I'm not sure if I just love buying skincare products or if I genuinely think they will work! I've always thought that if I stopped putting anything on my skin then I'd just get even worse skin but I was pleasantly surprised. 

For about a month now I've completely had a skincare detox and thrown out every potion and lotion except for my trusted Garnier Micellar Water, I use this to take off makeup and just to swipe over my face in the mornings and that's literally it. I've stopped using harsh exfoliators, chucked out the serums and gels and just let my skin be. This stuff is so nice and gentle on the skin and doesn't give you that horrible tight, dry feeling that some cleansers can give you. It also takes off every bit of makeup, even waterproof! They also recently started doing Micellar Water Wipes which I also love and use for the eye area to get a more thorough cleanse! That's not even the best bit yet, they also do a teeny tiny travel sized one which I keep in my handbag for emergencies, so handy! 

So if you're experiencing some bad skin that just doesn't seem to budge then stop putting all those other chemicals on your face and just try keeping it simple! You'd be surprised at how much clearer your skin will look! Sometimes we're not doing ourselves any good by forcing all these products into the skin and blocking the pores. I'm not saying this is a miracle potion but for someone who thought their skin would never be even 95% clear, it finally is! There's no better feeling than waking up in the morning without a new spot on your face! There's no harm in trying :)

Ashley xo

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