Thursday, 10 December 2015

St Tropez Express Tan Review

The sun has disappeared and so have our tans but don't worry, St Tropez Express is here to rescue those pasty pins!

Summer has long gone and winter is now well and truly here, (not that English summers are much to brag about) time to whip out the fake tan! I'm really not a fan of sunbeds so for me, fake tan is really the only option. I've tried a lot of tans and have recently been trying the St Moriz but it always makes me look orange! I've also used the St Tropez dark tans which are also really good if you want a really dark tan overnight rather than reapplying.

I popped into Boots a few days ago and saw that the St Tropez Express Mousse 200ml was £22 instead of the usual £33! I hadn't tried these 'express' ones yet so thought what a good excuse to pick this up! 
I applied it all over and left for just over 3 hours and got such a good olive tan, it says that it's not recommended to be used for longer than 3 hours but I can't imagine there's much harm in it. It does say that it carries on developing over the next 8 hours after washing off so that's always better than getting it all over your bed sheets! The only down side I have is that is still really smells of fake tan but I haven't ever used a tan that doesn't have that so I guess that's just a given with tanning. I also personally find that tan dries my skin out a bit so it's always really good to moisturise afterwards, I use coconut oil after I've washed it off to make sure I get a good moisture boost and a lovely even tan without any dry patches!
In the photo above you can see what the tan looks like after it's developed for 3 hours and has been washed off, I had no tan on before this and had completely scrubbed, shaved and moisturised my skin the night before to ensure I had the best results possible. The picture was taken on an iPhone, so not the best quality but you can definitely see the nice golden brown colour compared to my natrual skin colour! I decided to apply another layer for 3 hours  after this as I want to be slightly darker for some Christmas parties at the weekend that I'm attending! I love that it doesn't make you orange at all and doesn't go too dark if that's not what you're after, if you'd prefer a much darker tan then it would probably be best to go for the St Tropez Dark Tans. These are super handy if you've got an unexpected party and in need of a quick tan without the hours of developing or stained sheets!

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