Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kylie Jenner's Skincare Secret!

Want clearer, brighter skin like King Kylie? Nip&Fab have just the product for you and it's used by Kylie herself!

I recently stopped using half of the skincare products that I owned, my skin was starting to get tiny annoying bumps under the skin and I was told it was due to clogged pores and product build up! I decided to have a skincare product detox and literally chucked out half my stuff! I wanted to wait for my skin to clear up a bit before adventuring on to new products! I wouldn't even say I have sensitive skin at all either, I think I was just testing out too many products at once and that never ends well.

So my skin started to clear again and I could finally test some new products, I recently watched the video below of Kylie at a 'Nip&Fab' launch and of course got swept in to needing to buy the products she said she was using. I'm never usually one to fall into the trap of celebrity endorsements but I was genuinely just curious, especially as reviews were saying it really cleared those pesky under the skin bumps that were terrorising me!

She kept mentioning these Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads and said how they exfoliate the skin gently but also boost radiance. Nip+Fab explain on their website how the pads 'retexture + resurface skin whilst witch hazel helps to tone. This moisturising formula with hyaluronic acid + soothing blue daisy helps to reveal brighter + smoother looking skin'. These pads are also soaked with Hyaluronic Acid & Blue Daisy which calm and moisturise the skin during the exfoliation! They also do a pot of stronger night time ones which I'm yet to try but have also heard good things about, I'm going to stick with these gentle day time ones for now!

I really wish I'd have taken some before and after pictures of using this because it's cleared my skin up so much! I usually just use this at night time if I've been wearing make up that particular day as I don't really like exfoliating too much but it's really worked wonders! My skin looks and feels so much smoother and clearer and hardly any 'tiny bumps' under the skin any more! When your skin is like this it just makes foundation go on a dream! If you want to give them a try then they're usually on offer in Boots or Superdrug so keep an eye out for deals! You can also purchase from their website Nip&Fab, they do free UK delivery! Let me know if you decide to try these and how you find them! I'd love to hear from you!

Ashley xo


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