Monday, 22 February 2016

NEW IN: Madame LA LA Regular Tan

I'm a huge sucker for trying new fake tan brands and seeing which one is the best overall, this particular one had a special ingredient that just won me over from the start..

'Madame LA LA is an exclusive self-tanning skincare brand and celebrity favourite inspired by LA, Malibu beach, the Hollywood lifestyle, wellbeing, slimming and of course, the anti-ageing rule! A combination of Coco Water and hydrating skincare benefits Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E infused into a beachy coconut fragrance work to tan, detox, smooth and slim whilst emulating a quintessential ‘LA tan’ with style.'

No matter which fake tan you use, I think the absolute most important thing is that you shave, exfoliate and moisturise the day before you're planning to tan. I like to exfoliate lightly a few days before and then really slather on the moisturiser to ensure the best possible base for my tan. Let's face it, if your skin is really dry, patchy and hasn't been ridden of dead skin then your tan isn't going to look as good as it could! So before testing any fake tan, make sure you really prep your skin properly!

The thing that caught my eye with this tan in particular was that it has 'coco water' and 'aloe vera' in it, both of which are very hydrating. I've tried most well known brands of fake tan and still haven't found one that doesn't make my skin feel dry and tight afterwards, no matter how much moisturising I do after. If you're in the same scenario then you'll be pleased to know this tan solves both of those problems! After having this on for about 8-10 hours my skin felt soft as a baby's bum and wasn't uncomfortable, in fact I'd totally forgotten I even had tan on to be honest! You can tell it's not drying out the skin and it develops such a beautiful natural tan, it's a win win!

The tan also has quite a pleasant smell to it which isn't at all half as bad as most other tans I've used, although I do think there's still a slight tanning smell to it but I think that's pretty much inevitable with tans, the smell comes from the dying agent so it's almost impossible to not have any smell whatsoever. They've done a pretty good job of masking it though and even after 10 hours, the smell wasn't very strong whatsoever!

So, how does it work?

'Madame LA LA Tan provides an instant LA glow that develops into an even deep golden colour in 3 hours. The lightweight tinted mousse is a quick-dry DD Tan perfector (Dynamic do-all) infused with hydrating skincare benefits; Coco Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E, plus built-in skin finishing perfectors. Innovative colour customising technology ensures your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your individual skin tone. Madame LA LA Tan will last for 10 days as if you have spent 2 weeks on Malibu Beach!'

The Results..

So me being the idiot that I am, I got so over excited about getting this tan that I slapped it straight on and then it occurred to me I hadn't taken a 'before' photo (you didn't miss out on much, just some seriously pasty pins). When I've exfoliated and shaved etc I come out pretty pale and this tan gives you the most gorgeous tanned skin ever, out of all of the tans I've used this is the nicest most natural colour I've ever had as an end result! I even forgot to moisturise for two days after tanning and there was no sign of dry, cracking tan whatsoever! My skin remained super soft and moisturised which I'm really pleased about! It literally looks as though I've been on holiday, which is what everyone wants from their tan, no one wants a very obvious fake tan! 

If you want to give this product a go then you can purchase it directly off their website or any of the following links! Let me know what you think of it :)


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