Tuesday, 22 March 2016

NEW IN: Clinique 'Pep Start' Eye Cream

There's nothing worse than waking up to puffy tired eyes, this handy cream by Clinique instantly wakes you up!

I clocked this product a good few weeks ago off some advertisement on YouTube and was a little intrigued! I'm not usually one for putting on eye cream as I'm quite lazy with it and don't feel like most do anything! I was using a Body Shop pomegranate one for a while but was only using it as I felt bad for neglecting my eye area regarding skincare.

I ordered this off of FeelUnique.com as I had a 15% off code and saw it as the perfect opportunity to purchase it and give it a go. The first thing I love about this is the handy little plastic tube it comes in and also the roller ball that clicks up to release the product, making sure you'll be able to get every last bit out without wasting any. It's rather small for £22 but being Clinique you kind of look past that and just expect the product quality to be pretty decent.

This handy little product perks your eyes up when you haven't managed to get much sleep or need a pick me up! It says it 'hydrates, brightens and perks you up', it definitely got a cooling effect that soothes the eyes but I'm not convinced on the brightening part. If you've got dark circles then it probably won't do very much but it does make your eye area look and feel hydrated! I love using this under eye makeup because it sets my concealer better without any fine lines, makeup goes on much nicer when the skin is well hydrated so this works perfectly for that. I use this once in the morning before makeup application and once before bedtime with my skincare routine but it can also be used on top of makeup or whenever you need some moisture in that area!

You can purchase the Clinique Pep Start eye cream from the link below


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