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THE Best Products For Damaged/Coloured Hair!

Having healthy, strong hair is really important to me after damaging mine from bleaching, I've been trying these products for the last few months to see if they could save my hair..

If you're anything like me (a beauty product addict) then you like to mess around with your hair a lot, that means everything from using hair dye, bleach, testing out new products and using a lot of different styling tools. All of these obviously cause a lot of damage to your hair if not protected or cared for properly and this post is basically just to show you all of my current favourite hair care and styling products that have completely saved my damaged hair!


Early last year I decided I was going to have the 'ombre' look done and had my hair basically dyed almost bleach blonde through the mid length and ends, at the time I absolutely loved my hair and didn't even think twice about the damage I was doing to it. I also wasn't really taking the best care of my hair afterwards and totally underestimated the effort that goes into going blonde. My hairdresser did use Olaplex (if you've never heard of Olaplex then just click the link!) which definitely helped the overall condition of my hair but if I could go back now I'd definitely not have done it again as it's the after effect on your hair that's the worst. I only kept the blonde for about 5 months and then had my hair dyed back dark brown, I honestly thought my hair would feel so much healthier and fuller but it didn't, it felt wispy and dry and I could have cried my eyes out! I should have really had the ends completely cut off there and then but decided to cling onto the last wispy bits that gave me some length.
(picture on the left is now after the chop, picture on the right is the blonde)

About 3 months later I finally decided it was time to just get it over and done with and got a good 6/7 inches chopped off (eek!), at least after that I could just start again and really take care of my hair and use moisturising masks etc regularly to get it back to normal. So now that you know the background story a bit I can show you what products I've tried and tested to really get my hair back to good health! If you're in a similar situation to me then these products might help you!



The KÉRASTASE range is well known by every salon and hair care addict as one of the best high end hair product ranges around. They have loads of different products for different things so you're bound to find something for your hairs specific needs. These masks are quite pricey but absolutely amazing for your hair and worth every penny. You also get a lot for your money in my opinion and this pot lasts me a good 4-5 months as it's not intended for every day use so I tend to use it every 2-3 weeks on the mid lengths and ends when my hair needs a deeper treatment. This one is specifically aimed to rebuild the resistance in your hair and as an SOS bandage for damaged/coloured hair.


A good tip for getting the most out of hair masks is to apply them before bed to unwashed damp hair and then wrap your hair (I put mine in a top knot first) in cling film (yes you'll look insane) and this keeps the hair moist so that the product continues to work throughout the night whilst you sleep! I then simply wash and style my hair as normal and my hair always feels insanely soft and nourished after this. I was actually told this handy tip by a hairdresser  and she explained that once the hair and mask dries the product stops penetrating the hair so doesn't work as well as when wet/damp.

OLAPLEX HAIR PERFECTOR NO.3 - £20.99 for 100ml (buy here on EBAY)

This has to be my ultimate hair care product, I'm absolutely addicted to the stuff! If you haven't tried this yet then you're missing out on the best hair of your life! I first got this treatment done when I had my hair bleached and they come in 3 seperate bottles, the No.1 and No.2 bottle are for use in hair dye I believe and the No.3 is just to be used as a hair strengthening mask and repairer. You can also have this treatment done by itself at a hair salon but this can cost around £15 - £18 just for a single go so I found the bottles on eBay for just £20 and ended up saving myself the time and money of going to get it done elsewhere. I get about 4-5 uses out of one bottle as you don't need to use a lot at a time so it lasts me a while! I luckily only need to wash my hair once or twice a week so use this the night before I'm going to blow dry it so it protects it from any damage and looks really shiny and healthy. If you use the tip from before as well it works even better!


MOROCCAN OIL TREATMENT LIGHT - £13.45 for 25ml (buy here on FEEL UNIQUE)

Hair oils are amazing for your hair and can be used before or after styling and even on damp hair after washing. I've used high end and low end hair oils and this one has to be the best! It gives my hair an extra moisture boost when used on damp hair before blow drying and also gives a gorgeous sheen and silky feel after styling. This oil also smells insane and has done wonders for keeping the ends of my hair smooth and frizz free. This Moroccan Oil one reminds me of the L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil so if you don't want to spend over £13 on a hair oil then this one does almost the same thing for £9.99 for 4 times the amount (100ml).


I've only been using this hair protector for about a month or so and the smell of this alone makes me absolutely in love with it! The whole Moroccan Oil range smells incredible so that's a bonus but the fact that they actually work makes it a whole lot better! I use this on damp clean hair before blow drying and it helps to seal in the moisture and keep my hair soft without going crazy frizzy! Using this together with the oil works wonders and I even think it keeps your hair style lasting longer as it keeps it sleek and in place without feeling greasy.



After I'd done the damage of bleaching my hair and dyed it back to brunette, I started  doing a little research into which products are the best and worst for your hair and the word 'sulphate' kept popping up. I've never really put much thought behind what shampoo and conditioner I'm using and usually just picked up whatever was on offer in the shop or that smelt nice, but after doing this research I decided this 'sulphate' stuff wasn't good. It dries out the scalp and even your skin which can cause irritation, dandruff, stripping of the skins natural oils and even breakouts. Most high end shampoo and conditioners tend to be sulphate free but the normal high street brands were full of them, until L'Oréal released this sulphate free range! I've been using these for around 2 months now and have seen a huge difference in the condition of my hair plus I don't need to wash it anywhere near as much (bonus!). This is because when your hair gets stripped of all it's natural oils it feels the need to replace it with more, hence the greasy hair quickly returns.


PHILIP KINGSLEY PK4 SOYA PROTEIN CAPSULES - £26.00 for 120 capsules (buy here on FEEL UNIQUE)

After my whole hair saga I was pretty unimpressed with my hair and regularly moaned about the state of it. It was a lot thinner and had no life in it due to what I'd put it through, which is expected obviously. I had a look at some reviews online and this kept coming up with 5 stars, reviewers were saying it was giving their hair a new lease of life and their hair was becoming a lot thicker with more volume. I've been taking these for just over a month and you have to take 2 tablets twice a day, so 4 in total. Along with a much healthier diet and taking these tablets I've seen a slight difference to the thickness and there's a lot less hair fallout in the shower and when brushing so it's a good start so far! You're supposed to take them for around 4-6 months before noticing a huge difference so I'm not going to say it's a wonder miracle just yet but I'm hoping it really boosts my hair growth in time for the summer.


TANGLE TEEZER - £10.60 (buy from FEEL UNIQUE)

If you've never used a Tangle Teezer before then YOU my friend are missing out big time! This little creation is a gods gift when it comes to brushing wet hair and detangling, especially if you have thick or curly hair. I've already been through about 3 of these (after a while they go a bit icky and need replacing) and won't ever go back to using a normal brush after washing my hair. It works great for brushing through hair masks or conditioner on wet hair in the shower or even just to plonk into your handbag for on the go sleek hair! I tend to keep one in the bathroom for wet use and one in my bag so I don't have to worry about drying it after use. They're good to use on wet hair as they don't pull or snag the hair so no unnecessary split ends or breakage.

I hope this helps someone that's going through a bad hair phase or is fed up of having unhealthy hair that just never looks or feels right! Also, if you have any good hair product recommendations then please let me know in the comments as I'm always open to trying new things to better my hair! Thanks for reading!

Ashley xo

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